Were you affected by Hurricane Florence? 

Team Chevrolet of Swansboro is working with local agencies to help speed up the relief process. 

We have established this website with contact numbers of local agencies working to help. We have also provided a direct line for you to contact us with any questions. While we are working with local area organizations we would also like to let customers know we have set up some links on our site to help make sure your vehicle needs are met. 

Ensure that your vehicle is still running safe and sound with a complimentary safety inspection. We will check to ensure that your vehicle was not damaged by the flooding, wind or flying debris.


Many insurance companies will be out helping customers to assess the damage to their vehicles. We have provided a Vehicle Evaluation tool on our website so that you can determine your vehicle’s value independently. This is not designed to replace your estimates from your insurance company but we understand how important the research phase can be during these times.  

Our main concern is the safety of our employees and the citizens of Swansboro and neighboring towns. Since our call center is located a safe distance away from the beach we would ask you to reach out to 855-885-8883 anytime. We’ll be happy to assist anyway that we can !!

For those affected by Hurricane Florence, OnStar is here to help. If you or someone you know is in the impacted area, tell them to push the blue OnStar button and ask for an advisor for access to complimentary Crisis Assist services. #IWorkForGM https://www.onstar.com/beprepared